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Lyona:  Clairvoyant, Life & Medical Intuitive

  • Receive clear powerful answers to your deepest questions.
  • Lyona's readings are remarkably accurate, personal, practical and loving.
  • Be informed and empowered.
  • Bring the light of awareness to your past, be in the now with joy and get the direction you seek for your future.
  • Profound revelations and energy balancing and healing connect and ground you in your new expanded self.

Shift your beliefs with Lyona's Intuitive Reading and change your life!

Lyona's Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing help you to clear your confusion on any subject and melt through long held blockages in your own knowing. The answers to your life's questions are a breath away.

All questions and concerns are most welcome. The closer to the heart, the more tender or even secretive the question the better. If it's there in your mind it's ready to be voiced.

It's important to know that from the perspective of the Divine there is no judgment. It's just you and your path. Also, remember that from this place all future events are fluid and constantly changing as we make moment to moment choices.

Thus, a Reading can help us avoid unnecessary pain, disease and adverse consequences and can lead us into living our lives with passion, generosity and tenderness.

Lyona is an Intuitive and Healing Touch practitioner. Lyona has taught yoga for over 20 years and has studied at the Montreal Iyengar Institute and the Esther Myers Studio in Toronto. After a profound Kundilini awakening Lyona has worked with her energy through Taoist, Tantric and Yogic practices. Lyona is a certified Skydancing Tantra teacher. She has discovered that humor is not a by-product of practice but an essential ingredient in life! Her joy is guiding others to their own ecstatic selves so that we all can know and live our inherent Divine radiance, playing all the way!

Services Offered:

Intuitive Reading is when I tune into your own inner knowing and "read" your information to you. You would have access to this information yourself if it were not for your restricting beliefs, fears and conditioning that keep you from the fullness of your inner wisdom. Since you currently don't know how to retrieve this knowledge in a clear and consistent way.... I do it for you, but it's all yours.

As I tune in I begin to get information almost immediately. At this point it is best for me to know very little about you. I usually just start talking and giving you what I "see". I often find this initial information to be the foundation of the Reading. After about 15 minutes I will request that you ask your questions. The non-stop talking goes on from there until the end of the hour.

Energy Healing: I channel and direct electromagnetic energy, also known as Chi, kundalini, prana or Life-force. As I hold this energy with my hands at points of your body or in your energy field your personal energy "tunes" with it. This creates the conditions for you to "open" to the new you and to bring healing to your body and mind.  Your energy field will take this opportunity to balance your chakras. By the end of the session most people find themselves in a deeply relaxed state. They say that they feel immersed in Divine love.

Sessions Available:

In person 1-1/2 hours
• one hour Intuitive Reading
• plus 1/2 hour hands on Energy Healing.

By phone or Skype 1-1/2 hours
• one hour Intuitive Reading
• plus 1/2 hour long distance Energy Healing within the following 48 hours.
If something comes up that I'd like to communicate to you I'll send you an email with the new information.

To arrange a session contact me by email and we will set up a time.

A Session is $210.00

Phone sessions are paid through PayPal. It's very easy to "join" and my account is address.

PayPal Payment of $210:

Intuitive Parties:

Bring together friends or family, make it a girlfriend night or deepen the connections with an established group.

Intuitive Parties are fun, educational and enlightening. You can host a party and get a free Reading!

The three hour parties start with creating a safe and fun container for you and the group. Then you all will learn specific techniques to tune into your own powerful intuitive abilities. We will have some time to share what you discovered.

After a refreshment break we gather again in a circle where I give a Reading to those who want one. It's especially powerful and validating to have your Reading witnessed by others. I am mindful to only share information that you are comfortable with others hearing.

Each party is $500.00 plus traveling expenses. Contact me to arrange an Intuitive Party.
For miscellaneous payments (fill in agreed upon amount):

For miscellaneous payments (fill in agreed upon amount):


" My reading with Lyona was very affirming, accurate and revealing. I loved it! Highly recommended." K.R.

" My publisher introduced me to a man...just like you saw clairvoyantly."
A published author

" Even though I asked no specific questions, Lyona somehow addressed and answered every concern I held in my heart. The information and guidance she provided was specific and applicable to me personally. My life is richer for it!" L.S.

" You have a perfect blend of mystique, humor and practicality. Knowing the answers....was most helpful, a ...."next step" in my journey." L.W.

" Thank you for the inspirational reading. The words and the inspiration you were able to retrieve from my inner self will guide me for the time ahead." P.W.

" I think and feel daily the information shared during our session. I am grateful and receptive to the upgrades that have happened and continue to happen as a result of our session." S.D.

" Thanks so much for the wonderful reading - still glowing from that!" 

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 277, Davenport, CA 95017
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